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MAClite 4700

MAClite 4700

A 4-5 year reflective Cad vinyl range of highly reflective 115mic coloured vinyl with a solvent adhesive. 4700 allows for even wide angle reflective attributes. Ideal for use on flat smooth surfaces such as vehicle decals, warning signage and for eye-catching graphic displays.

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MAClite 4700 Technical Specifications

  • PVC
  • CAD Vinyl
  • Flat Surfaces
  • Transport Graphics
  • Water Repellent

The MAClite 4700 is a tearable reflective film providing wide-angle reflectivity of incident light and giving excellent night and day visibility. Commerical grade and fully Reach compliant.

Technical Data
Average Values

Thickness (film & adhesive)


Durability (vertical weathering in Central European conditions)

4- 5 years: all colours

Adhesion (FTM 1)
Peel adhesion 180° on stainless steel (N/25mm)

20 min. residence : > 15 (reflective film will tear)


Dimensional stability (FTM14)
Shrinkage (48 hours at 70°C) 

< 0.3 %

Minimum application temperature


End use temperature

From -20°c to +90°c

Tensile strength (DIN 53455-5)

> 18 N/15mm

Elongation of break (DIN 53455-5)

> 8 %

Shelf life


(15˚c-20˚c - 50% relative humidity)

1 year

Solvent and chemical resistance

Resistant to most oils and grease, fuel, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis.


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