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MACtac Permacolor HORIZon

MACtac Permacolor HORIZon

A 7 year conformable PET laminate. A premium product offering extended durability against UV light on graphics even on horizontal applications. Designed for permanent applications on flat and curved, surfaces. Ideal for car bonnet and roof graphics. Match with JT5500 and CastRap vinyls.

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MACtac Permacolor HORIZon Technical Specifications

  • Recyclable
  • Difficult Surfaces
  • Transport Graphics
  • Photo Print

The MACtac Permacolor HORIZon is an ultra clear gloss, soft 35µm non-PVC film protected with a PET film and coated on one side with an ultra-clear permanent adhesive. The adhesive is protected with an easy to remove liner.

Technical Data
Average Values

Thickness (film + adhesive)

60 µ

Dimensional stability (FTM 14)

< 0.15 mm

Adhesion, 23°C

Quick Tack on glass:

Peel 24 hours on glass

- after 20 mins:

- after 24 hours:


11 N/25 mm (FTM 9)


15 N/25 mm (FTM 1)

17 N/25 mm (FTM 1)

Temperature range

Application temperature range:

End-use temperature range:


+ 5°C to + 40°C

- 30°C to + 100°C

Durability (vertical outdoor)

up to 7 years

Shelf life (Stored at 15 to 25°C / +50% RH)

2 years

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to detergents, acids, oils and diluted (50%) alcohols. Resistant to short contact periods with gasoline. Not recommended for contact with aromatic solvents, non diluted alcohols, ketones.

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