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Rigid Sheet Material

The very best rigid board material

We stock a comprehensive range of the very best rigid board material available by manufacturers such as Foam-X, Aluprint, ecoACM, Correx, Akyprint, PolylineFoam, 3A, Smart-X, LumeX, and our own Simply brand.

We offer options suitable for internal and external use, environmentally friendly options, fire certified options, rigid sheet material that is 100% recyclable, and rigid board options suitable for UV digital printing. Rigid sheet material is an excellent option for long and short term, indoor and outdoor signage and advertising, and can be easily cut to the size required. Rigid Sheet Material offers a versatile and cost-effective range of options.

Rigid Sheet Material Rigid Sheet Material
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Correx Sheets for Estate Agent Boards

Correx Sheets - Estate Agent Boards

Correx sheets in various thickness ranging from 3.5mm - 6mm, pre-cut to Estate Agent board sizes. Correx sheets are corona treated to both sides and helps promote good ink adhesion.
£1.49  / each As low as: £1.29  / each
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